Each puzzle box is unique and handmade with the puzzle box know-how since 1989 by the "Toymaker" Norfok™, the home and only place worldwide from the "Movable Pyramid Lament Configuration".
No resin, foam, goldfoil or anything like this will be used!
The boxes has not been colored, stained or treated, it is natural color and wood grain is beautifully visible under the panels,
and the priapus star-face panels are always placed on black-brown makassar ebony!

Some boxes are in stock, if not it will be build especially for you.
Ask for further informations.

Static Box

Each classic version of the static puzzle box is made with "Mahogany and Ebony wood". The lament panels are made from .007 inch brass. The box itself is 3 inch in length, height & width - just like in the movie.
Different versions, from the movie "Hellraiser" to "Hellraiser - Deader" are available.

Movable Star Box

The box itself is 3 inch in length, height & width - just like in the movie. It's the second function to solve the box and perhaps the second gateway for opening unbelievable desires. (Hellraiser movie)
The box is available as classic version in mahogany & ebony or as black version complete in ebony, with brass or stainless steel panels.

Movable Pyramid Box

The box itself is 3 inch in length, height & width - just like in the movie. It's the first function to solve the box and perhaps the first gateway for opening unbelievable desires. (Hellraiser movie)

Hell Sphere

This is the Hell Sphere like in the movie "Hellraiser 4 - Bloodline". The lament panels are made from .007 inch brass. The Sphere is approx. 3,9 inches in diameter.


The Leviathan is a long narrow octahedron with approx. 10 inch in length and 2 inches width - just like in the movie. It is another key and it is the God of Flesh, Hunger and Desire.
(Hellbound - Hellraiser 2)
The Leviathan is made with ebony wood and with stainless steel panels.


In 2005 re-designed schematics from the ancient ones. Laser printed on high quality heavy marbled paper.

Order Options & Service

A lot is possible behind the standard, take a look, choose additional options to your individual Hellraiser puzzle box.


Standard is "mahogany", "makassar ebony", there are also "pale moon ebony", "Walnut", "Rosewood" and "Rootwood" to select.


- Ancient brass
- stainless steel

Panel Orientation

Panels sequel orientation of
"Hellraiser 2" until "Hellraiser 8" for
static box, star- and pyramid box.

Pyramid Box

with secret place to store and hide small things like jewelry or anything.

Combined Orders

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You will save on shipping.

Custom Box

Special wishes?
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Movable Box
Static Box
Hell Sphere

How to order

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Special Editions

Some of these special editions are still possible, some others not, contact us for availability, delivery time and amount.

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The Angelic Configuration

movable Star


movable pyramid

Japanese Puzzle Box

Japanese Walnut Triple Set


Black Silver Star

movable star

Black Silver Pyramid

Movable Pyramid

Movable Leviathan

Black Gold Star

movable star

Pink & White


Movable Pyramid MP3 Musicbox

movable pyramid

Movable Pyramid MP3 Musicbox

movable pyramid

Quartet from the first four movies



Hidden Horrors: Creepy Collectibles

A review by Brian M. Sammons

Does your taste in art run a bit darker?
Got a leather fetish and a thing for pain?
Are you into chains and weird piercings?
Then chances are you’re a fan of the Hellraiser films, and if that’s the case then you’ve probably always wanted your own Hellraiser box,
or as us serious collectors know it, the Lament Configuration. If that is the case then there’s one place you’ve got to go; offers a wide variety of hellish boxes to choose from. All are made of wood and brass and all have the perfect look and feel.
There’s the basic cube that doesn’t move but makes a great, museum-quality show piece. There are also a number of boxes that move like they do
in the movies just in case you want some extra realism. also offers the Leviathan Diamond first seen in Hellraiser II
and an original creation, a Hellraiser hell sphere. He has also created some unique and very functional variants of the cube.
Want a Lament Configuration that acts as an 8 GB flash drive? Well he’s got that. How about a Hellraiser box that is actually an MP3 player?
Amazingly, he has that too. He also sells a good number of Hellraiser box schematics of various sizes and prices that look great
and are suitable for framing. All the boxes come with stands and signed and numbered certificates of authenticity.
They are all beautiful pieces for serious collectors but at very reasonable prices. If you are a fan of Pinhead and his pals then this is the
place for you. You can get your own box, and condemn your soul to an eternity of pleasure and pain.


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High-Quality Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes.

We process only select wood of the best quality.
We let produce the brass/stainless steel Panels by a professional chemical milling company.

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Registered airmail - Worldwide!
Worldwide shipping.