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Each static puzzle box "classic" are made with "Mahogany and Makassar Ebony wood". The Lament panels are made from .007 inch brass. The box itself is 3 inch in length, height & width - just like in the movies.

The box comes with flash memory inside, it has a special USB 2.0 jack and including a special USB 2.0 cable. The USB jack is hidden between the panel design, hard to find and it don't look like a USB jack! Perfect to hide your secret datas secret.

Pictures are of one of my past creations.

Static Box Classic - V17 - Secret Memory 64GB
Made with Mahogany and Makassar Ebony.
Now with 64GB USB Flash Memory.
Incl. USB 2.0 cable.
Panels: etched brass.
Norfok® is a registered trademark